Monday, May 23, 2005


After a night of painting, I went to sleep to wake up and head to PG for a noon meeting. Got a lil venture in the making that might turn into something HUGE. Shot out to my forum fellas!!!

After the meeting we went to hoop. I got my a$$ embarassed by Dane-Daddy on the court. Damn BONE! Shot out to Dane-Daddy! I'm on get-back though...But overall, it was the Hiwoo and Laf show. Kinda like Kobe and Antawn Jamison playing one-on-one. No bullshyt!

After getting embarassed on the court, I return to Bmore to get ready for T's housewarming/get-together/GAME NIGHT! I make it to her spot around 8:30pm ready to get my game on. She had food, alcohol (daiquiris, vodka, etc), and the games ready. It turned out to be a really nice get-together. She had a lot of her friends show up and some of their friends. For the most part, everybody was cool and had a good time. Shot out to BHill for coming through and showing my girl some love!

T, you know you have a good party when the COPS come knocking on your door! That means the party was a success! Not to mention the 3 calls you got the next day from people saying they had a good time. Even that 10 am call from the person I will refer to from now on as "The Suspect".

"You being investigated homie...And I would hate to give you that Rodney King beatdown after I catch up with you! Please slow down your Hyundai because you can't outrun the Lincoln even if you tried!"

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