Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Last night...

was actually a pretty laid back night por moi. Washed clothes, folded clothes, ate, went to sleep. Talked to T on the phone for a minute. Pretty laid back night.

Of course, being the sports fan that I am, I ended up watching the Pistons embarass the Pacers and a tad bit of the Suns run around the Mavericks. I couldn't help but hear (at some point last night) that Dan Lebatard thinks that Steve nash won the MVP because he's a white guy and Shaq is black. DUMBASS! Of course there's more to the story than just that, but why would you even bring up race in this case? It was the closest NBA MVP voting in awhile (perhaps ever...I can't remember) and there were so many other reasons you can cite that are warranted and can justify SHAQ being the MVP. Personally, I think SHAQ is the NBA's most entertaining interviewer (MEI)...His quotes are classics. Needless to say though, Mr. Lebatard, who makes regularly appearances as an analyst on ESPN and sometime stand-in for Tony Kornheiser or Mike Wilbon on PTI, really did an injustice to himself and the MVP voters. Even if (and by no means do I agree) race were an issue, the voting was still extremely close. And either man could have won.

Read more about Dan Lebatard's comments

Another item I heard on PTI yesterday was that Lebron (my fav player in the NBA) was considering dropping his agent and having one of his high school buddies be his agent (and that's notthe craziest part of this) AND sign a management deal with DEF JAM (as in, the music company). Man, something tells me that Jigga has his hands in this whole thing (remember, Jay wants to manage Beyonce, but her daddy ain't going for it). If he gets Lebron to sign a management deal with Def Jam, it'll be one of the most shrewd cross-promotional deals I've ever seen. Not to mention he'll make millions off King James.

[paraphase]..."young cuz I'm 42, dress like I'm 32, sign kids 18, make em do what I couldn't do."

Shot out to HOV!

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