Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Fire Alarms and Fire Starters...

This morning...11am...Fire alarm at work. First fire alarm around here in eons. For real! It was cool to go outside and chill for a minute. It was also nice to see that the average age here at my job is no longer's now probably more like 43.5 b/c there were definitely at least 5 new ladies here who are younger than me. I used to be the youngest person here. WOW!

Spent a good amount of time today fwding battle raps for Dizzane...He and Puto were battling all day. Eventually I got into it myself b/c I was tired of all the B-S dudes was spitting. It was definitely some quality raps being put out there. Best quality we've had on the Forum in a minute. But I just got fed up with a couple things and had to vent. I'll spare the world my raps. Holla at me personally for a hot 16 (YEAH RIGHT).

Meeting with FE tonight at 7pm. This is gonna be a doozy. Hopefully I make it back to Bmore by 10pm.

Bday in 3 days folks! Holla at you boy! JRON been telling me I'm about to joint the Quarter Century Club. I guess it's all good.

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