Monday, May 9, 2005

Weekend in Review

Well, Mother's WEEKEND (OH yeah, not just the day people) was wonderful! Mom's came up Saturday and we hung out. It was nice. She made her infamous pasta salad and chicken salad while chit-chatting with me. Later on we went to the movies and saw CRASH. Which she actually fell asleep on halfway through. LMAO! But it was a GREAT movie!

Sunday was brunch at Zanzibar on the waterfront in D.C. I don't recommend their brunch. However, it was a lot of fun with me, mom, grandmom, stepdad, grand-dad, stepbrother. MAP missed out on a nice brunch catching up on his sleep...Lazy mother----! LOL. After brunch it was back to the house where my mom (who never stops moving unless she's in the bed sleep) went next door and nabbed our neighbor's grand-daughter for playtime. Somehow I think my mother enjoys playtime moreso than the little girl does. Go figure!

All-in-all, this was a very nice Mother's Day. I feel lucky to still have my mom and grandmom around.


CDs - Memph Bleek new album...AVERAGE (3 Mike's)

Movies - CRASH...Best movie I've seen since Hotel Rwanda...Highly recommended!!! Don Cheadle is definitely one of my favorite actors. Sam Jackson gets all the shine, but this dude is a great actor as well!

Sports...Wiz down 0-1 to the HEAT (DAMNIT!)...I'm predicting the Heat win the series 4-1...We'll probably take at least one game on our home floor. I'm glad my squad made it this far!

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