Monday, May 23, 2005

PHOTOS: Sunday afternoon BOAT RIDE: Clipper City

Sunday afternoon T and I went on a boat ride...The sailboat was the Clipper City. Nice old school boat that I found out via Kev ('preciate it homie). We went on a tour of the Baltimore Harbor from 4-6pm on this boat. T was a lil nervous at first because the boat is so "open" and they don't require that you put on a life vest. But once we got going, everything was alright. I have some pictures below for reference...CAPTIONS included...

I'll start off with the good stuff first

Damn, dude, you got a big 4-HEAD! Nice flick though

Nice smile T!!!!

Teia helping the crew...Who's that lady? "I don't know you mannnnnnnnnnnn!!!!"

Teia helping the crew again

This is T getting her Free drink for helping out the crew. She's so nice, she got the drink for me...Vodka and Pineapple anyone? It's CIROC!!!

Glamour SHOT!!! YESSSSS!!!!

This is the sailboat/yacht...The Clipper City

Baltimore Harbor shot

World Trade Center (Yes, there's one in Bmore too!) If any of you get a chance, check this view out from the Top

National Aquarium in Baltimore

Rusty Scupper Restaurant...My grandmother says they have some banging crab cakes. I haven't been there yet though.

Baltimore Harbor shot

Another Baltimore Harbor shot

Domino Sugar plant in Bmore...Word has it (shot out to T and her Fun Fact) that this is the largest neon sign in the world. Of course you can't see that now, but if this picture were taken at night, you'd really think it was TIGHT!

Fort McHenry

Fort McHenry is where the Star Spangled Banner (our National Anthem...You know, the one Whitney Houston ROCKED at the Superbowl like a decade ago...The DRUG-FREE Whitney that is..Pre-Bobby) was written. T reminded me that it was Francis Scott Key (not Andrew Jackson like my dumb-a$$ thought) who wrote the Star Spangled Banner during the middle of a battle. How historical?

I must admit that there's a lot of history in Baltimore and definitely a lot more interesting stuff than I would ever have thought was in the city. Does that make me like the city anymore? Nah, not really! But it makes it much more bearable. Shot out to T for being my fine-a$$ Bmore ambassador.

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