Monday, May 23, 2005

Boney Picasso...Friday night painting...

Just got paid, it's Friday night, kitchen needs painting, and I'm feeling right!!!

Friday night, a bucket of paint, a girlfriend dying to give her kitchen some "life"...That was me this past Friday night. T and I spent our night painting her kitchen. It was pretty fun to my surprise. Two coats of (dammit, I can't remember the name of that color) paint. The color is like an orangy-yellow. Yeah, I know that doesn't help!

We spent about 3 hours total painting the kitchen. With some nice music on in the background and the excitement of neither of us having painted anything (well, maybe she's painted her own toes) in the past few years, we laughed, joked, and stroked (paint strokes people) our way to a newly colored kitchen.

Just in time for her get-together on Saturday evening...I wish I had some pictures for you guys...Maybe later.


T said...

The color was Midnight Bomb-fire!!!
And its beautiful LOL

Anonymous said...

Midnight BOND-FIRE...That was it. Thanks T. And you're right...It's quite nice. So nice, some of us would even paint our toes that color...LOL

t said...

Oh that's how your spell "bond-fire" I was concentrating for a minute on the word and still got it wrong LOL. "hooked on phonics"

Anonymous said...

Actually T, I think we're both wrong...Midnight bonfire.

I don't know what I was thinking when I typed that. We're both spelling-bee rejects!!!