Thursday, May 5, 2005


After a night of helping Hiwoo move into his new condo (yeah, buddy)...I woke up this morning dead-a$$ tired! However, I somehow found the energy to take myself to the gym during my lunch break and shoot 50 free throws, go "around the world" twice, and do a set of bench presses. Yes people, I lift weights occasionally!!!

Returned to work to finish up some new navbars ( Right now...Just waiting to go home...This O-E is giving me the B-Geezies!!!

OH yeah! Since I'm still trying to get over this...How on God's wonderful green earth did Damon Dash end up with Aaliyah...And now this gorgeous woman...(OH MY GOSH!)...Perhaps I should be an arrogant, rich, self-centered bastard (OUCH) sometime soon! Hey Dame, how about hiring me to do the Dame Dash Music Group website?

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