Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Keri Hilson goes in on BeeYonce???

Keri Hilson - Turnin' Me On Remix (feat. T-Wayne)

"Your vision cloudy if you think that you da best/You can dance/she can sing/but need to move it to the le..."

All I can say is, Wow! Keri you are foyne and all but this is a little bit much. A few thoughts...
  1. Whoever is ghostwriting her raps must also be in charge of her marketing plan
  2. Even though I am not a huge Beyonce fan, disrespecting B is not a good look
  3. The diss as a marketing plan has not been viable since 50/Ja. Don't people know this?
  4. "I shot the sheriff but wait till I shoot these b*tches" is a WACK line. Ghostwriter FAIL!
Let the ghostwriting war begin...Polow vs. Jay-Z.

P.S. - Teddy PinnedHerA** Down killed it. Matter of fact, T-Wayne (both of them) killed it, lol.


T.C. said...

actually i think she is going at both B and Ciara (you can sing-B, she can dance-Ciara) plus she goes on to say check the credits, she is in the credits of Ciara's album as a writer...i actually think she has ghost written for B hence the lyrics and attitude...

still, i agree its a bit much...until you even come close to B status, which she has NOT, sit down...

Anonymous said...

I think it's just a marketing ploy. In interviews Keri doesn't strike me as this type of chick but then again, you never know.

T.C. said...

she doesn't but hey you know...i definitely agree that its always about marketing

chantele said...

i'd be more than disappointed if any of this were true. i respected (loosely) keri for SEEMING humble and talented given all her writing accolades. BUT... once you come at B, i don't know if i can eff wit you like that anymore. not too mad about ciara though. she could use a good game-stepping-up (on the singing).

say it ain't so, keri. damn, you fine :0\

Miss N said...

You know this would be laughable if it wasn't so pathetic.

Three strikes:

(1) Hip Hop folks can beef and maybe shake up their careers. R&B folks cannot. There is no crying in baseball and there is NO BEEFING IN R&B!

(2) While I respect Keri as a writer and think that is admirable. Most people don't know who she is. Everybody and their mama's mama knows Beyonce, and quite a few people know Ciara, so a nobody coming at them, to their stans is disrespectful.

(3) She has two singles, one of which was a straight up FLOP! Her album hasn't even dropped yet, which means she is not yet established. You can't diss an artist and you aren't even on their level. I don't care how many songs she writes, songwriters are not seen for a reason. Performers, singers, dancers are seen and until she can prove that she can do any of the latter, she needs to connect the SHUT to the UP.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that going in at B makes her not humble. I just think it makes her dumb on a couple levels. One...even though I am not the biggest Beyonce fan you can't disrespect what she's done in the industry and the doors she helped open (outside the industry in acting, endorsements, etc) for these up-and-coming chicks. Two...I doubt very seriously Keri wrote those lines so she's allowing herself to be a puppet in the worst way. I wonder if she really agrees with those lines or if she really wrote them. I know she's an accomplished writer but she can't be THAT delirious and oblivious to the accomplishments of Beyonce and how they demand a certain level of respect from other women in the game. It's a bad look all the way around.

No beefing in R&B? Trey Songz and Kellz...Sisqo and Kellz...Bow Wow and Soulja Boy (oops, my bad)...Usher and (somebody I can't remember)...Ne-Yo and somebody else I can't remember. Maybe there's no beefing in female R&B but on the male side I think there's been some not-so-aggressive beefs.

Turning Me Off/On is a hot joint without the sideways shot at BeeYonce.

LOL @ "shut to the up"

Aricu said...

She writes her own rap or "songs" shes a Ghost writer and has been for Be and for Se.