Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lykke Li feat Drake - Little Bit

I was listening to the So Far Gone mixtape on my way into work this morning and I couldn't get this line out of my head:
"both hearts beat like a metronome".
It's from the song "Little Bit" (dope). I had no idea what a metronome was so when I came into the office I looked it up. Turns out I have seen a metronome plenty of times before, I just didn't know what the name of it was.

I heard the version of this song with Drake on it before hearing the original. I actually thought it was Drake's song. I only realized that it was Lykke's song when I did a search for the lyrics of Drake's version. I'm not sure if Drake just jacked the beat or if it's really a collaborative effort between he and Lykke (hence the title of the post with Lykke Li featuring Drake) but I am REALLY feeling Drake's version of the song and now that I have seen the original I like that one too and it also helps me understand what Drake was trying to do (creatively) with his version.
"The pressure's on/both hearts beat like a metronome/both in sync like Justin song/feels so right but it's just so wrong/I wonder what my world bout/when ni**as that I know tryna take my girl out/and her friends say I ain't the one to go for/she just mad cuz you always get approached more/Oh well, tell her fall back/caught up in some more sh*t tell her call back/tell her get a man that ain't cheatin' on her a** with a girl that I know/yeah, tell her all that, that/and as for you, I think I know you're the one/the closest I've come, I probably a...little bit, a little bit, a little bit in love with you"
Video of the original (which is dope even without Drake) is below.

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If you haven't already, do yourself a favor and download the Drake "So Far Gone" mixtape. If you like rapping or (R&B style) singing you will enjoy it.


chantele said...

imma have to get the file from you cause the download link expired. now i wanna here drake's version!

Anonymous said...

Check your inbox

T.C. said...

i finally listed to this...its DOPE he is pretty friggin HAWT

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