Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Video (this is probably for the fellas): Kid Cudi - Superboo

Obviously, the best thing about this video is that it features the Beautiful Warriors (and beautiful they are). I'm not even sure if this is an official video for the song.

But to be honest, the more I hear from Kid Cudi the less I look forward to from him. It's not that I dislike his music because it's not bad music at all. It's moreso that his music is not resonating with me. Maybe if this song had a different beat I'd like it a bit more.

His feature on Yeezy's 808s ("Welcome to Heartbreak") is a good song. Day N' Nite is a good song and I was looking forward to hearing more after that. But since I heard Day N Nite I haven't really been impressed by anything else. I can definitely see his music garnering him a lot of mainstream/pop success because he has that Kanye-ish cross-over appeal. But as far as singing rappers (or is it rapping singers) go, I'll take Drake over Kid Cudi. But you already knew that.

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