Friday, March 27, 2009

Zealotry = One of the reasons why the world is effed up

Check this shyt out:
"A church based in Topeka, Kansas, is scheduled to demonstrate next month outside Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda because the school, which opened in 1962, is named for a man who may have been homosexual." Source: Washington Post
This is the same church/group that stages anti-homosexuality demonstrations at military funerals (shocker).

It's organizations like this that make me wonder if this is how domestic terrorist organizations start to form. Not that a religious based organization will turn into a domestic terrorist group (although anything is plausible at this point in my mind) but that a terrorist group has these zealous and extreme views that they end up demonstrating by doing violent/harmful things to innocent people.

In general I believe religious zealotry has been the cause of far more violence, war, and death than any harm homosexuals who simply live normal lives and mind their business will ever do. Just because you have the right to protest and voice your opinion doesn't mean it's a worthwhile one.

"People reverse the system politics verse religion/Holy war muslim verse christians" -- NaS ("I Want to Talk to You")

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