Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Video: D-Wade Playing like the NBA's MVP

I don't think he'll win the MVP because his team is not doing as well as Lebron's or Kobe's (and because deep down I want Lebron to win). But you have to admit that D-Wade is playing out of his mind this year.


M.C. said...

You know I will agree with you, he is playing like an MVP and as a Chicago guy he gets points.

BUT, I was literally at the bowling alley last night pulling my dress down, clutching my heart and screaming (like Martin) as my Bulls went down with that shot.

Anonymous said...

D. Wade has been playing completely ridiculous this year. Sort of like Kobe a few years back when he had that run of 8 or 9 games with 40+ points. D Wade isn't putting up 40 every night but he is giving you a very very well-rounded game every night (ie - Lebron) and in the clutch he has that Jordan-esque quality. I mean seriously he almost won it on the first overtime off a layup (where's the defense) and then gets a steal and knocks down an 18-footer on the run AT THE BUZZER!

That shyt was TIGHT!