Monday, March 2, 2009

WebNerd Alert: Mac Operating System on Your Phone

You knew this was coming. Granted, it's not one of the flavors of Mac OS X but yet-and-still, it's the Mac operating system on a cellular phone.

To elaborate on this a bit I need to explain that because you have an iPhone does NOT mean you have the MAC OS (operating system) on your phone. It means you have the iPhone OS, which is not the same thing as the MAC OS. If you have Windows Mobile OS on your phone you don't have the Windows XP/Vista OS on your phone, you have a piece of shyt that is unstable phone with an operating system created by Windows that's specifically for use with cellular phones.

So someone being able to have a working version of the MAC OS (let alone one of the Window's OS's) on their iPhone is a pretty nifty technical feat. I'm not surprised that someone has taken the time to do this but I am surprised that it's seemed to take so long.

Shot out to Blingenwroth for sending me the article on this.

[Random Thought: I've had another WebNerd Alert drafted for a minute now about tweeting your blogposts. I think I should get that one posted soon.]

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