Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What If this was the Track Listing for Rick Ross's Upcoming Album, Deeper Than Rap?

Based off what I have heard thus far if this was the tracklisting for Deeper Than Rap... opposed to this...EYE would already be calling this album a classic.

If you've heard those songs you might not agree that it would be a classic, but you can't deny that it would be a solid album. And I don't think it's arguable that Ross has started to come into his own lyrically (read: stepped his game the you-know-what up). If you disagree with either, you're probably just a hater.

I jacked the pic above from a video DallasPenn shot and hit the nets vis-á-vis (at least that's where I first saw the footage). I assume that is just the list of tracks the BAWSE played at the listening session but if this album were an EP with just those tracks the joint would be FI-YER!

"In the south we call him Curly...He's not straight!"

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