Friday, March 27, 2009

Why Am I Not Surprised?

Police officer pulls this guy (who just so happens to be an NFL player) over while he's on his way to the hospital.

I'm not going to lie, I'd have probably just ran on this dude and went in the hospital. They'd have had to catch me if it was my mother or mother-in-law (not that I have one, lol) in there. Eff it.

What I can't really understand here is why this officer lets his pride get in the way? He couldn't let an obviously emotional man (because his mom-in-law was "about to die") go check on his mom. Why not just escort him up to the room and then do all this later? If it were a pregnant woman in the car would he have let this guy go in the hospital?

And beyond that, all this shut your mouth ish just leads me to believe he wants to talk down to this guy because he feels like the guy is being insubordinate (and I won't even play the race card here but this did take place in Texas and this guy is Black and he appears to be driving an expensive SUV). He is definitely being insubordinate, but can't we understand as humans what this man was probably going through mentally on his way to the hospital and while the police officer is going through all this B.S.? I understand law is law, but no law should be interpreted such that it doesn't allow for the human condition to be taken into consideration when it's being enforced.

And they wonder why we be on some "f--- the police" shyt. Protect and serve my azz!

Shot out to Rah for sending me the video.


GemisMyName said...

I actually cried tears when I first heard this story. I know I'm a bit soft but man this is heartbreaking. The officer is on paid probation. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

It is a very sad situation. At this point nothing really surprises me, especially when it comes to situations that involve authority figures and people of different races. Not that this really has anything to do with race on the surface, but I think subconsciously race plays a part in these types of situations.

An emotional black man who seems insubordinate and testy? Sometimes this scares people (even police) into either making bad decisions, over-compensating, or something along those lines.

In this case it's just sad that someone's life was hanging in the balance while all this was going on. The officer was trying to do his job but like I mentioned in the post, you have to be appreciative of the human condition when you're enforcing the law.