Thursday, March 19, 2009

NCAA Tournament Talk

I'm going to make this short and sweet...

South Region

The South region is what I refer to as the DEATH Region. Everyone's picks will most likely live-and-die by their choices in this region. The Ty Lawson factor combined with the fact that Oklahoma will undoubtedly blow any game that Blake Griffin gets shut down in (or under-performs in). I love Jeff Capel but anytime a team relies on 1 player to carry them I am very reluctant to put any hope in that team. Just ask Gary Williams the year Stevie Francis was a BEAST in the ACC. My prediction is that if Ty Lawson plays then UNC takes this one. Otherwise, I'm rolling with the Zags.

My pick: UNC
Plausible: Gonzaga
Longshot: Syracuse
Sleeper: Clemson

East Region

I don't like Duke so I refuse to believe that they're going to win this region even though they definitely have a pretty good shot. But if Villanova doesn't take them out, then I believe Pitt will. VCU will win in round 1. Please believe it (shot out to Blingenwroth on that).

My pick: Pittsburgh
Plausible: Duke/Villanova
Longshot: Florida State
Sleeper: Under-achieving a$$ Tennessee

West Region

My first thought was that UConn will jack that $ in this region but I think they'll be okay. Purdue is going to do well but I just don't think they have the talent to beat UConn when-and-if they play well. I was kinda torn between UConn and Memphis and in the end went with UConn in two of the three pools I'm in but I wouldn't be surprised in Calipari's boys win it.

My pick: UConn
Plausible: Memphis
Longshot: Marquette
Sleeper: Because I am a homer I'll go with Maryland even though they'll probably lose in the first round.

Midwest Region

This is Lousville's for the taking. If they play defense and their press is on-point, nobody in this region should beat them. And don't think for a second that Michigan State will beat them. Remember, Michigan State lost to Maryland early this year. And THAT my friends, speaks volumes.

My pick: Louisville
Plausible: Nobody but Louisville. Then again, maybe Wake Forest though I don't have any confidence in them.
Longshot: Utah or West VA
Sleeper: This region is a friggin' sleeper.

So there you have my final four: Louisville, Pittsburgh, Memphis, and UNC (if Ty Lawson is healthy). Boring, yes. But hopefully correct. And because I am not on the Louisville bandwagon as much as some others seem to be I believe that Pittsburgh will take it all.

"You could learn a lot from a dummy"


M.C. said...

"I don't like Duke..."

Grabs heart and starts stumbling back like Fred Sanford.

Say it isn't so M.C.? Why does everyone love to hate on Duke? Then to further throw the dagger in, you got NC in your Final Four??? I think I'm about to be sick.

When I saw you rooting for Binghampton on Twitter, I just knew I had read that wrong. Now come on, for the sake of all that is right and just in college basketball, you can't hate on Duke!

Alright, so maybe you can but this is disturbing.

Anonymous said...

I don't like Duke. Sorry. The last time I even considered liking the Blue Devils was when Grant Hill was playing there. I'm much more of a fan of UNC than Duke.