Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ray Lewis:The Most Intense Person on the Planet.

I bet if you put Ray Lewis and the guy from the Dos Equis commercials in a room, the Dos Equis guy would be in awe of Ray Lewis, lol.

"If we don't have a season, watch how much crime picks up if you take away our game....There's NOTHING ELSE TO DO SIR!"
  1. Ray Lewis is awesome.
  2. His level of awesomeness is tied directly to his level of intensity (which is always one hundred thousand trillion) which is also tied directly to the aura of craziness he gives off.
  3. Let me repeat that last one. Awesomeness is to Intensity as Intensity is to CRAZINESS! Meaning, you can be awesomely intense but some people might just think you're a crazy person.
  4. Ray does some amazing work in the community and deserves big respect for that. I actually think in an age where people like to tout how much work they do without seeking media attention, the media needs to form a reality show around the multitude of things Ray does in the community to use as an example for other athletes.
  5. If the DMX we all remember from the first and second albums was an NFL player, he'd be Ray Lewis. Dude was just that intense (*arrrf arrrf!*)
  6. Ray Lewis is one of the only reasons I'm not upset when the Ravens win and why I don't mind seeing them win.
  7. Ray has lost a step but he makes up for it by celebrating everybody else's tackles. Honestly, I think he gets credited 1/4 of a tackle for everyone else's just because he celebrates like he made the tackle himself.
  8. I hope he goes out win one more Superbowl win and then skips the after-party because you know how Ray and Superbowl parties don't mix.

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