Friday, May 20, 2011

"Take me waaaay back, Scarface in our tape deck!"

Big K.R.I.T. (feat. Chamillionaire) - Time Machine

Of K.R.I.T.'s Return of 4Eva. The first verse of this is trill. K.R.I.T.'s rapping about how riding in his car takes him back to some bonding he and his dad used to do. (Hopefully) everybody has something that reminds them of when they were a kid and something they did with their parents or family, just like this. K.R.I.T. reminisces a bit about his dad giving him some game as a youngin...

"Niggas out here flexxin', don't be stressing what you can't be"

"Don't believe in what you can't see, unless it's God..."

"You got yo family and your friends when you need relief/There 'll come a time when I can't be there when you need me"

"Forgive and forget your anger leave that/Don't be wasting time, cuz time is all you have/Don't be chasin hoes, boy just chase this cash"

This reminds me, I have some K.R.I.T. concert footage to post....

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