Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Rear-Ended on Mother's Day

This is probably stupid to do but since I wasn't at fault and this is all truth, I am gonna do it anyway.

Sunday (Mother's Day) started off pretty good. I got up early (for me) around 10 or 11am and called my mom to wish her a Happy Mother's Day. Then I proceeded to do some work around the house, cleaning up my dining room, back yard, etc. Normal weekend stuff. Then I decided that before I washed my car I'd go to the grocery store to pick up some food for later that evening.

I hop in my car and make my way to the grocery store. About a mile or so away, I stop at a red light behind a line of cars (maybe about 10 in front of me). The line of cars was abnormally long for this light which made me wonder why that was the case. So while waiting for the light to turn green I look in my rear-view mirror and I see a car coming towards me and then I hear brakes screaching.

All I could do was brace for the impact.

The car hit me at what I assume was about 20-30 mph max. I'm glad I saw it coming because I was able to brace myself using the steering wheel and fortunately my airbag didn't deploy. After being hit, I shook my head like "this motherfucker" (sorry mom) and immediately grabbed the pen in my center console to start writing this person's information down. I also called 911 and reported the accident as well.

The woman that hit me was older (maybe 50s or 60s and she came up to my car and asked if I was ok. I told her I think so. She then nicely said that we should move our cars out of the road and exchange information to which I agreed. So we pulled over and start exchanging information and eventually a police officer shows up. The police officer comes and tells us to make sure we get each others, insurance information, license plate numbers, etc. I ask if he's going to write a report and he says that Baltimore City Police don't write reports unless the witness the accident. Whatever. He asks us both if we're ok and she says she's going to go to the doctor because she doesn't feel well and I said my back is a little sore but I'm not going to the doctor unless I feel worse tomorrow morning.

He then gives us his card for reference if we need it. At this point the woman that hit me says: "Thank you for being so nice about all this." To which I responded, "It's a nice day out, it's mother's day, no need to be mean it's just a car! Happy Mother's Day by the way." BUT, what I was really thinking was, "Man I don't want to be nice to this lady, I'm pissed that the rear of my car is smashed in. But let me be nice here because it's no need for me to be an a-hole. She was at fault, my car will eventually get fixed, no need to be the young, black a-hole. It's Mother's Day and she's probably a mom, wish her the best and let things play out."

Moral of the story here is that everything happens for a reason and sometimes God tests us. I felt like I was tested in that circumstance to see if I was gonna revert to my high school niggorant days and tee-off on this woman. But I knew I was too mature (not meant to say old, lol) and too respectful for that, even if I wanted to be a little (or a lot) mean. Thank God for being there. Some of you may need to read that last sentence again, lol.

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M.C. said...

Wow! You WERE very nice about it. I ran into someone when I was about 19, because this guy just couldn't wait for me to come out of the gas station. Of course, he didn't have insurance, but my mother did. He proceeded to act a plum fool. He got loud and was cursing and acting like he wanted to kill me, and it wasn't even as much damage as you had. So, God will surely bless you for being so nice about it!

miKeSee said...

I try to be nice b/c "you wouldn't want to see me mad", lol. I do think that most people tend to over-react to accidents especially when they're not injured. Karma is a good thing or it can be a bad thing, depending on what you're putting out there.

miKeSee said...

And shot out to you for using "plum fool"