Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Vernacular of Choice

You may or may not remember my "Eff the flow they jackin' my slang" post or my most popular blogpost evAr (shot out to my DMV folks) on DC Metro Area Slang as spotted in my 2006 Year in Review post.

I've got a few more terms I need to add to that "slang" list...

PREXACTLY: This one is pretty simple. Precisely + Exactly = Prexactly. I use this for emphasis when something is on point, accurate, et. al.

NIGGORANT: This is meant to say that you are acting like an uneducated fool. This brings two quotes to my mind. One from Charlie Murphy in the movie Paper Soldiers: "It's a difference between a black man and a black nigger. That, was a black nigger". The other from Cee-Lo's "The Experience" on Goodie Mobb's Soul Food CD, "You ain't a nigger because you black, you a nigger 'cause of how you act." Cee-Lo's line was on point and has stuck with me from the day I heard it. You should probably check out the track now that I think about it.

COOLIO: I don't say this to reference the rapper, I use this in place of "cool" or "ayight" or whatever other terms people use along those lines.

RATNAH: I typically use this as my country 'twang short-hand for right now. Don't judge me, my stepfather is from the south, lol.

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