Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wake & Drake: I'm On One

This blog has I have somewhat of a history of being a Drake fan. This song isn't a Drake release but a Khaled release with Drake, Rick Ross, and Lil Wayne on it and I'm feeling it.

As an aside, I went back and listened to Khaled's first album "Listeeeennnnnn" and I just want to put it out there that he has several tracks on there that might be street classics ("Holla At Me Baby", "Born N Raised", and arguably "Grammy Family") . If he didn't scream so much on all the tracks I think he'd get more respect in general for the work he's done over the years he's been somewhat mainstream. Most people find Khaled annoying because of the ad-libs but he has a knack for putting together some good crew tracks and some good songs in general ("Cash Flow" or "Go Hard" anyone?).


M.C. said...

This is a great driving in the car in the summer track. Although, as the song progressed and we got to Wayne's verse, it was a bit of a anti-climax. He sounds like crap on this track. Clearly, he had been smoking before he recorded this (not a good idea). Otherwise, it's solid!

Anonymous said...

I agree re: driving track. Yeah I was pretty disappointed in Wayne's verse on this. But you know Drake has a crush on that bama so he'll just roll with it. Then again, I heard Drake gave Khaled this track pretty much finished (40 did the production) so I assume Khaled just added Ross and Weezy's verses.

This is why these dudes should be in the studio together when making these songs. I think it makes them all a little more competitive when writing their verses. But I can imagine it's hard to get a jewish guy, a fat black guy, and a syrup-head all in the studio at once.