Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The PronStache Cometh...

Okay, so a couple days ago I mentioned that I was considering doing this Mustache's For [Bad-Azz] Kids thing to support Baltimore City Public Schools.

Well I put out a call via email and got ABSOLUTELY no response from my friends. Well, actually I did get one response and it was from the husband of one of my former co-workers who I never really hang out with but I'm in his fantasy league so I guess we're at least cool. Anywho, he's gotten two of his co-workers to join and he'll be shaving his face clean this evening as well and growing a mustache - that'll obviously be incomparable to my forthcoming Ron Jeremy PronStache - for the next month as well.

I'll be posting more information either tonight or tomorrow and on-going throughout the next 30 days to try and solicit donations. Hopefully I won't look too stupid or better yet, any more stupid that I normally look. Below you'll see pics of me this morning. Bye-bye goatee. Bye bye premature greys. Bye bye jaw-defining beard. Until next month...

Why did I try to do the serious face though? LMAO!

Fellas I know you gonna hate on it but that scarf = THE BUSINESS!

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