Wednesday, November 10, 2010

NFL Picks -Week 10

The hit felt 'round the league last weekend...

Since I've essentially ethered myself in my Pick'Em League (I'm now completely last lol) I think it may be time for a change in my picking strategy. This week I won't go with as many underdogs (or underDUGS if you're from Baltimore) as I have been up to this point in the season. THIS WEEK, it looks like I'm only going to take 2 underdogs. I doubt this will help me regain any points in the Pick'Em League since I'm obviously the last person to figure this out (as my position in the league clearly demonstrates). So for those of you that have been following my picks, now may be the time to actually take my picks seriously and stop laughing.

Week 10 Picks...

Baltimore over Atlanta: This is probably going to be a trendy pick this week. Baltimore's a tough team and Atlanta just came off of a tough win last week. I expect this game to be very close but in the end I think the Ravens will win.

Buffalo over Detroit: I've been thinking the Bills would get their first win for a couple weeks now and they haven't. But with Matt Stafford being out and the game being in Buffalo AND Detroit being a dome team, maybe (just maybe) this is the week. Detroit's defense has been playing very well so it won't be easy but Ryan Fitzpatrick doesn't have a problem airing it out and hopefully one of my new favorite WR's in the league (Steve Johnson) can have another big game.

Minnesota over Chicago: The Bears annoy me and so does Minnesota. The Vikings defense is good enough to put pressure on Cutler and Lord knows Jay Cutler is prone to have a game where he likes to throw to the defenders more than his own receivers. Minnesota should be able to win this one if they are smart and rely on Adrian Peterson rather than Brett Favre.

Jets over Cleveland: I really really want to take Cleveland at home in this game. Peyton Hillis is playing like Mike Alstott used to and they're coming off a good win against one of the better teams in the NFL (Patriots). The difference is however, that the Jets defense is definitely better than the Patriots. The only question mark here is whether or not the Jets can muster enough offense to put Cleveland away. The Browns are going to show up for this game coming off that momentum from last week but I think the Jets will pull off the win.

Colts over Bengals: T.O. appears to be surging the last couple of weeks but the Bengals just aren't that good of a team overall. I'm definitely not convinced Carson Palmer is back but I may be convinced that T.O. is back if he has another monster game. Either way, I'm taking the Colts at home.

Titans over Dolphins: Miami's better on the road than at home. The Titans play really good defense and "just-good-enough" offense. Titans.

Houston over Jacksonville: Either I missed a serious injury to Andre Johnson, Arian Foster, or Matt Schaub. OR, somebody is out of their mind making the Jags a favorite in this game.

Kansas City over Denver: In a shoot-out.

Giants over Dallas: Jason Garrett is the answer Jerry? Really? I expect this to be SackFest 2010 with the Giants defense loading up and pulverizing John Kitna.

Arizona over Seattle: This was actually a tough pick for me but Arizona's playing at home and they've beaten Seattle once already this year.

49ers over Rams: Not sure why I picked the Niners but I picked the Niners.

Steelers over New England: Mike Tomlin will probably kill someone on the field if they lose this game at home.

Philly over Redskins: I'm picking against the Skins this week even with a bye week to prepare. Mike Vick is playing really well and unless they hurt him like they did last time I think he'll show why he's a worthy candidate for MVP this year (though I don't believe he'll win it and he'll win Comeback Player of the Year). It's gonna be a GREAT Monday Night game though. I can't wait!

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