Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Year In Review: mcarroll4716 - 2005

2005 was the first year I started this blog. In May I believe it was. Back then, it looked totally different. I think this was the header at that time...

That joint is still dope to me (I may go back to it now that I found it lol). It's definitely one of those pictures that's emblematic of what you'd see from me in real life. A fitted low, seemingly over my eyebrows or indeed over my eyebrows.

My initial vision was for this blog was for it to be a journal of sorts. A "Day2Day" reflection of some of the things that were going on in my life and things I had thoughts about. Over the last 5 years it has morphed/evolved/devolved into a lot of different things. It's also been all over the friggin' place from time-to-time as well lol.

Nowadays you will probably find stuff that's mostly hip-hop, sports, pop culture-related with the occasional current events and/or "this is more personal than what I expected from him" post. Right now it's NFL season so there'll be a lot of NFL posts. Around February (ie - after le SuperBowl) it'll still be hip-hop but probably less sports and maybe more general interest/current events type of stuff. In May and June, it'll probably be NBA. In the summer, who knows (though you can bet it won't be much baseball talk)?

I say all that to say that over the past 5 years this blog has gone through a lot of change. The only thing that's constant in life is change though, right? I've definitely said some things here that looking back I don't agree with or think were dumb but I've also said some things that I think were pretty friggin' on-point too. Like everything else, neither of those will change in the future I'm willing to bet. Like I tell people, opinions are like azzholes and lots of times azzholes have opinions as well, lol. Not that I think I'm an azzhole at all but you get the point.

Even with all the change that's taken place there's one thing that's stayed consistent. I've always talked about what's on my mind at any given point in time on any topic that garnered my interest or evoked a response/opinion. That's one thing that won't change as this blog continues for however long it may continue.

Here are some highlights from this blog during 2005:


Waaaaay Before LeBron Made His "Decision"... people were questioning his move to have his boys be his management team. It actually worked-out quite well for a while. Then came, "The Decision".

It's Keith, the midget!"


Who knew there was a Six Flags in Boston? And, who knew that I'd hit Fenway Park, Six Flags, and get some "work" work done all in a single trip to Beantown.


Did I call "Late Registration" an Opus? YES, I did. And no matter how much you want to hate on Kanye, pick any 3 of his albums to this date and you got 3 classics ("Peep my rap sheet ni99a, 3 classics" - Jay-Z). Maybe I should do a blogpost on Kanye's discography. Hmmmnnn....


What Hip-Hop Needs... Looking back on this post, a couple of these things were accomplished (numbers 1 and 9) but I still think we need: 1) a Nas & AZ album and, 2) a Nas album that tells a story from beginning-to-end. We also need a Beans, Jay, and Free album as well as a Face, Jay, and Beans album but for obvious reasons neither of those will happen.


Halloween!!! The most hilarious part of that blogpost is that some of you clowns sitting back thinking "I'd still hit that joint though, it's kinda fat". What is it with some guys' fixation with a fat butt? I mean I like a phatty just like the next guy but I have a homeboy who refuses to seriously date a girl that doesn't have a "big booty". Seriously? I think a fixation like this says more about the individual with the fixation than anything else.

Burned out celebs... Al B. Sure went on to be on a show where he was fighting for the "love" of Omarosa (yikes!). KC passed-out onstage during some performance and I haven't heard anything about him since. And not even Quincy Jones cares about Tevin Campbell anymore.

DC Metro Area Slang... This is BY FAR my most popular post eVar on this blog. Yes, I live in Baltimore but I am DC/PG to the core. The response from people on this post was pretty surprising to me and I still get a couple comments every year on this post.


Went to see LeBron in Cleveland...Leave Bmore at noon to fly to Cleveland...Go to Cavs/Wiz game at 7pm... Go to a "club" after... Hop on a plane the next morning and get to work by 12.


Anyone remember the Minnesota Vikings Sex Boat? Brett and his dyck-pics fit right in.

The SoundTrack of My Life... Certain types of music had coincided with different points in my life and perhaps still do. Maybe I need to do another post like this one.

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T.C. said...

sometimes i can say that i do miss your blog circa 2006-2008 when it was a tad bit more personal and i could kinda gage your life and vice versa...but like you said everything in life is about change that's the one constant so i still comes here and CRACKS up!