Thursday, November 18, 2010

NFL Picks - Week 11

First and foremost, shot out to Mike Vick for having an amazing season so far and beating the BRAKES off my favorite team on Monday Night. If I were him I'd probably be doing this behind closed doors to everyone that STILL wants to see him fail because of the dogfighting conviction and him being a conceited, arrogant, herpes-spreading prick back in his Atlanta days.

Yeah, I'd be doing that behind closed doors ONLY lol.

I'm glad to see Vick has improved quite a bit as a (passing) QB - he's always been great at running - and that he's seemingly matured quite a bit. I just hope that his growth off the field as a human being is far more pronounced than his growth on the field as a football player. At the end of the day Michael Vick is a person just like the rest of us and to see him grow more as a person than an athlete is what will be really impressive to me. So far, it looks like that's the case and I'm rooting for him, even when he beats the crap out of my favorite NFL team.

As a Redskins fan I have no excuse for that Toby-esque whippin' we took. Not blaming Shanahan, McNabb, Haynesworth, Snyder, or anyone else. That's a team loss and a historically embarrassing team loss at that. Yet and still, you know what it is....BLACK-AND-YELLOW-BLACK-AND-YELLOW!

Now for my picks this week...

Chicago over Miami: I'm sorry, I just don't think they can win with Tyler Thigpen as the starter. Even with the Wildcat I think that Chicago's defense is solid enough to win this game. I really really want to pick Miami because I think they're well-coached AND they're playing at home. But I think that the Bears defense is gonna pull some good tricks out the bag for Mr. Thigpen.

Cincinnati over Buffalo: Sorry Buffalo, this won't be a two-game winning streak. As much as I think Carson Palmer stinks to high heaven, I don't think the Bengals are gonna give up this game at home. Besides, Chad can celebrate his engagement with a few TDs.

Dallas over Detroit: I will say this about the CowGirls. They looked kinda dangerous last week. Not "we gonna make a playoff run" dangerous (aaaahhhbviously!) but "we gonna fock up a few people's shot at the playoffs" dangerous. They seem to have a renewed energy so I expect them to win this game, especially at home.

Titans over Redskins: After getting obliterated by the Eagles and next up having to play in Tennessee against a well-coached team with a sick running back and a really good defense... Yeah, I'm not picking my favorite team in this one. I expect Chris Johnson (aka Pinball) to break 200 yards.

Chiefs over Cardinals: Even after the loss last week within their division I still think that Kansas City might actually be for real this year (speaking of, I'm officially convinced that the Falcons are the real deal).

Green Bay over Minnesota: The Vikings season ended last week. Check out Brett Favre's curtain call against his old team. After the Vikings lose this one I hope Chilly is intelligent enough (yeah right) to start Tavaris Jackson so they'll have an idea of what next year might be like. Imagine Tavaris Jackson pulling a Michael Vick next year. It's possible.

Jets over Houston: The single solitary reason I am picking the Jets in this one is that Houston's defense stinks so bad that even the slowly-getting-better Mark Sanchez should be able to put up a few TDs. Ok, two reasons. The other is that this game is a home game for the Jets. I'm not sold on the Jets as much as I thought I'd be at this point in the season and for as many wins as they've squeaked out (against solid teams though), I think QB play is what's going to determine their season. And I'm just not sold on Sanchez being able to pull through and actually win one in the clutch against a really good team. Fortunately for them, Houston is not a really good team but just average.

Steelers over Raiders: Omar Epps alter-ego slash body-double (Mike Tomlin) is my favorite coach in the league right now. That's it. Nothing more.

Baltimore over Carolina: Who is playing QB for the Panthers again? Oh yeah, it doesn't matter.

Cleveland over Jacksonville: After talking trash about the Browns before they beat the Pats and watching them come close to beating the Jets last week I'm going to go out on a limb here and take them against Jacksonville. The Jags got lucky last week and I don't believe they're as good as their record says they are. Not to mention taht as of late, Celeveland's been playing better than their record indicates.

Atlanta over St. Louis: Like I said earlier, I'm convinced the Falcons are for real this year. They may actually be the best team in the NFC even though everyone was talking about the Giants a week ago.

New Orleans over Seattle: Taking the Saints because they're at home at coming off a bye week.

Tampa Bay over San Fran: Sorry @riprock81, I gotta go against your boys this week. Tampa Bay (to my shagrin and my brother's excitement) is a solid football team this year. San Francisco is inconsistent at best. I am however rooting for Troy Smith to have a good game and hopefully for him to be their starter in the future. I think he got a raw deal in Bmore (let go in lieu of Mark Bulger).

Pats over Colts: The Colts could possibly will themselves to a win in this one because of Peyton. BUT, I do not see them doing it in Foxborough. Dome team in New England? I dunno buddy!

Philly over Giants: This is a bandwagon/trendy pick I know because of how the Eagle buffocked the Redskins on Monday night. I don't expect the Eagles to play that well against the Giants defensive front. But I don't think either of these teams can stop one-another from being successful offensively (Philly with the pass, NYG with the run) so I think it'll come down to QB play. And even with his Superbowl ring I don't think Forrest Gump (Eli Manning) will be able to pull it off. Mike Vick's legs might actually be the difference in this one.

Chargers over Denver: THIS JUST IN....The Bolts have the 2nd easiest schedule in the league from here on out. You know what that means right? They're gonna run off 4 or 5 wins and look like a Superbowl contender until they get to the playoffs. Every year it happens... Wash, rinse, repeat!

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