Friday, November 5, 2010

NFL Picks - Week 9

This week's picks dedicated to the one-and-only Randy Moss...

Why's he actin' so RAAAAAANDY?!?!?!

As for my picks I'll keep it simple and straight-forward this week...

Tampa Bay over Atlanta: Ok ok, let me explain. I don't believe that Tampa is as good as their record. BUT, they play tough (solid defense and ball-control offense) and this is a divisional game so they'll be motivated. Besides, I'm in 11th place out of 13 in my pick'em league and I need to start picking some upsets.

Buffalo over Chicago: Another upset pick this week (see last sentence from previous pick). Buffalo's been trying hard for a win this season and Chicago is not that good. Solid defensively, but just like Brett Favruh, Jay Cutler is one bad interception away from losing any game. I'm gonna take a chance on the Bills getting their first win this week at home.

New England over Cleveland: No way I'm taking Mangini over Belicheck.

Jets over Detroit: The Jets offense better put up some points this week and I think they will but I do not think this will be an easy win. Detroit has a lot of talent on offense and after their win against my Skins last week they may very well have all that talent working together now. When-and-if they do get it together, that offense will be pretty scary.

Minnesota over Arizona: With or without Mr. Dyck-Pic, the Vikings win.

Saints over Carolina: After a nice win over one of the better teams in the NFL, I may be back on the Saints bandwagon.

Miami over Baltimore: This is a dumb pick I admit. I knew that when I picked it. But again, I've gotta pick some upsets. Miami's GREAT on the road and the Ravens tend to play down to their competition from time-to-time (ie - the Bills). So this just might be an UPSET SPECIAL!

Charger over Houston: It's time for San Diego to surge. It'll be worth nothing in January when they're at home after a play-off loss but still, it's time for a Charger surge. And I think it started last week.

Giants over Seattle: The ONLY reason I'm picking the Giants is because they had a bye week to prepare. Otherwise, I'd take Seattle because they're at home (I don't think it's easy to go to Seattle and win).

Oakland over Chiefs: Oakland is surging. Laugh if you want, but they are playing well. If they're dumb enough to bench Campbell for Gradkowski right now then they deserve to lose this game.

Indy over Philly: This is going to come down to the last possession. But who better to win a game on the last possession than Peyton? And even though I'm taking Indy, I hope Vick plays well.

Packers over Dallas: I won't say anything bad about Dallas other than they're gonna lose, again.

Steelers over Bengals: This will be a prime opportunity for the Steelers to rebound from their loss in N'awlins. I say it every week, Carson Palmer is washed up. I still believe this and I'm sure by now Ocho Cinco and T-Hoe are aware as well. I'm just surprised they haven't said anything publicly yet. This is a divisional game so I expect them to play well but I can't believe that after coming off a loss the Steelers will lose a game against an obviously weak team.

For a different perspective, check out my homie Lance's picks for this week.

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