Monday, November 29, 2010

Looks like I'm not the only one that had an answer for LeBron

  1. LeBron James is my favorite player in the NBA. Yeah "The Decision" was a gbad look but I'm talking about on-the-court, not off (shot out to Kobe).
  2. The Heat have gotten off to a very AVERAGE start at best. I'm not sure of their record, but I know they won't be challenging that 72-10 record the Bulls had back in the day.
  3. I've already commented on what I think LeBron should do. Apparently, there are a couple virals floating around the InterWeb that also address what LeBron should do (see below)

Shot out to Clevelanders that are "still salt bout dat".

Shot out to whoever mashed up the Jumpman and LeBron ads together. This is a pretty good job.

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