Friday, May 22, 2009

Video: Cigar Music - Rick Ross (feat. Masspike Miles)

One of my favorite joints off of Deeper Than Rap even though it was listed as a Bonus track. Seems like Ro$$ is getting his vacation-video-making on because he's shot a video in Columbia and now one in the Caribbean for tracks off this album. Not a bad gig. Then again, he's probably gotta pay for all the no-talent goons that travel with him so I bet it's expensive. Speaking of goons, I laugh every time I see that Gunplay guy in the background of these clips.

Is it just me or do both Officer Ricky AND Masspike Miles need to start hitting the gym? Masspike Miles looks like Eddie House with a fitted and Ross looks like a land-locked whale at one point in this video with his shirt off and the tattoos blending in with his complexion (wtf). And Masspike seems like he's trying too hard to make it look like he's singing something super soulful. The lyrics ain't that deep homie. You sound like the dude singin' on Plies "Ms. Pretty P---y". Not to mention his voice (before I saw the video) made me think he was as skinny as me and he's a bit on the corpulent side. Anywho, tighten up those tig ole bitties fellas and the videos would be a lot more bearable for the ladies. Then again, ladies do you even care?

Nevertheless, I really do enjoy this song and I am glad he made a video for it. We'll see how long Ross's buzz lasts though.

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