Thursday, May 7, 2009

"She don't like me, she just like my ad libs, YEEEEEAH!" - Young Jeezy

Now check out this studio session of OJ DA JUICEMAN doing some ad-libs for a track. This makes me laugh out loud.

LOL at how he does his first "AYE!" and everybody bust out laughing. I'm not a fan of OJ DA JUICEMAN (I can't get over the name let alone his lack of lyrical ability) but I can see why people like his music, he IS entertaining. Gucci Mane falls in the same category as OJ in that he can't rap worth much but he can make a club banger, a catchy song in general, or just plain entertain you with his (wait for it...) SWAG!

Quarter post, half-a-post, whole post AYE!

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