Friday, May 1, 2009

Examining Rick Ross-isms: All I Really Want

I still get a kick out of the above picture.

Ross enlists The (American) Dream for this track. I'm a fan of The Dream and at this point he's one of those go-to guys for hip-hop hooks (like T-Pain) so I expected this track to be decent at the very least. It doesn't disappoint and for that reason I can be caught walking around the crib singing "All a ni99a really want is YOU!"...RADIO KILLAAAAAAAAAAA!

All I Really Want - Rick Ross (feat. The Dream)

Actually, before I start re-treading Ross's verses/lines I want to say that I really am entertained by the confidence with which Officer Ricky makes statements about his sexual prowess. It makes me laugh to think that Ross could even fathom that the general public would find 93.6% of this stuff believable. Back to the show...

Met in D.C. like 'Go Barack!': SICED me!!!

Girl drunk it like a Fiji then she blowed my socks: See what I mean about him saying things that make no sense but rhyme? Blowed my socks? Translation: Ross likes the feeling of wet socks on his feet.

Might let her sit it on my mustache/But [???] now and then again it make her bust fast: I'm really interested in knowing what part I missed in the ???'d spot above. It sounds like he either said maybe or baby. What's hilarious about this to me is that you can look at Rick Ross and NEVER even think about the fact that he does have a mustache because his beard is so gigantic. He seems like the type of guy that would have a "flavor saver" though (if you know what I mean).


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Anonymous said...

Better give that boy a bus pass/
I see no competition baby girl a must have

Who can compete with crabmeats and tea with lemons and honey!

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