Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Examining Rick Ross-isms: Gunplay

Off the strength of the title alone I knew this one was going to be entertaining (lol). Ross's right-hand man's name is Gunplay and this guy is what I would call a "character". See my reason for calling him a "character" here. I didn't realize that Officer Ricky was going to actually have this guy rapping on the song though. That was just the icing on the cake. Once I realized that Gunplay would be rapping, I knew this would be a tough talk extravaganza. Here's me..."How many bodies are these bamas going to catch on this track?"

Gunplay - Rick Ross (feat. Gunplay)

Tellin' lies getting ni99as wives tied up and raped: Body #1. While it's not technically a body that he caught with that line, raping someone might actually be as bad as killin' someone. In general though, rape is worthy of years in jail if not the death penalty (I can't really advocate the death penalty because I don't believe it's a human's right to decide who lives or dies).

Bullet in my head, bullet in my chest. Yeah they want a ni99a dead, they envy my success: Ross indirectly bodies himself. Body #2. Bawse remember: "You're nobody 'till somebody kills you!"

Ni99as getting wacked no sympathy for the soft, ni99as snitching I know b*tches who clipping ya d*ck off: Wow. Bodies 3 and 4. And yes, having your "manhood" clipped off = death.

Got ya girl panties wetter than a pool party: Ha! He must have thought of this while doing laps in his swimming pool.

Ain't never put sh*t on the line, just sh*t in a rhyme, I shoot a ni99a sh*t in a rhyme: First, what? Say that again??? Second, Body #5.

These internet ni99as, these ain't a threat ni99as. Never seen a labtop in the projects ni99a: I thought that was a pretty raw line. Not lyrical, but just uncut, raw, and to the point. It's like Joe Budden said: "I hate to see you lose your life over a website".

Who dat standing behind the curtain I'll murk 'em: Body number 6.

Only 6 bodies!?!?! That's 1/3 the body count on the average Uncle Murda song. Ross needs to study Uncle Murda while he's studying Jay-Z.

And just in case you're wondering who Brisco is since he's on line 2, here ya go.


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Wizard of Oz a*s ni99as