Friday, May 8, 2009

Examining Rick Ross: Valley of Death

I was undecided as to whether Valley of Death or Mafia Music was my favorite song on the album but I am now convinced that Valley of Death is it. I liked this song from the first time I heard it and this is the only song on this album that I will repeat 10 times over. The reason I like this song and Mafia Music so much is because they're both probably the realest joints Ross has ever written. For all the coke talk and misogyny on this album there's at least two songs that come off as completely genuine and authentic and Mafia Music and Valley of Death have to be on that list.

Valley of Death - Rick Ross

Faith of a mustard seed destined for a triumph/David or Goliath, hate me or admire: David = Ross, Goliath = 50. Faith of a mustard seed. Destined for triumph. Stepped it up a bit here lyrically.

Will I get to heaven turn to Psalm 27: Psalm 27.

New York unified, down south love that/When we got to shine mf-ers where the love at: Real talk.

Very first line he called Trick Daddy stupid, saying he got AIDS telling people that it's Lupus: Dude didn't even have to go here. Lupus isn't a joking matter. AIDS isn't either. But at the same time I recall Trick taking some shots at Ross when the correctional officer story broke so I guess all's fair...

Young ni99a 15, with 3 seeds/From that very day I carried on them 3 C's...Better get smart young brother live yours/Only live once and I got 2 kids/And for me to feed them I'll get 2 gigs/I'll shovel shyt, I'll C.O./So we can bow our head and pray over the meatloaf/I'm lookin' at the big picture/: That siced me. Ross both admits to and addresses the C.O. situation in about 3 bars. He could have just done this in the beginning and I think a lot of people would have more respect for him now than they do. It's nothing wrong with being a C.O. (ie - having a job). And Ross still maintains after admitting he worked as a C.O. that the "truth is much more sinister". Whatever Ross! Just keep dropping solid music and stop trying to save face.

I'm about 90% convinced that lyrically, this is the best song on the album.


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