Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Examining Rick Ross-isms: Bossy Lady

As far as these Rick Ross radio-friendly songs go:

Magnificent > Bossy Lady > All I Really Want >>> Lay Back

Bossy Lady - Rick Ross (feat. Ne-Yo)

Mine gaudy [un]less I'm going for the sporty look: Hmmmnnn. Not sure how I feel about that line. Maybe that's because mine is sporty unless I'm going for the gaudy look. Then again, authentically gaudy isn't really in my budget. Spoken like a true R.N.

My kicks brown now I'm lookin' for Rihanna 'nem: WHAT???

She asked for head first so she gets it off the top: This does not make sense when you consider this is the same guy that said: "I'm busy baby go and suck another c*ck". Maybe Ross decided to be nice.

Cruisin' down Collins, knocking Trick Daddy: And two songs later he disses Trick Daddy. Very Game-esque moves he's making re: T-Double.


· Mafia Music
· Maybach Music 2
· Magnificent
· Yacht Club
· Usual Suspects
· All I Really Want
· Rich Off Cocaine
· Lay Back
· Murda Mami
· Gun Play


Anonymous said...

I dont think he was dissing Trick in the upcoming song...If I heard the line right I think he was referring to what someone else said in a letter. I assume you are referring to the line where he said:

Very first line he called Trick Daddy stupid
Say he got aids telling people that its Lupas

Anonymous said...

I see what you're saying and I thought about that but to be unclear like he is in the song about who wrote it makes it easily interpreted as an indirect diss. I'd have respected the line a lot more if he said it straight up.