Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wake and Drake: Man of the Year (feat. Lil Wayne)

Pure fire off off of "Comeback Season".

I got a city that I carry like Mariah

Shyt is easy pop, that's why I'm ready mayne/I never copied nor bit like Eddie mayne/Did you get it Eddie Murphy was in Norbit/Or was it way over your head you shold forfeit/Yeah I take a woman shoppin' in a store quick/Her azz big she just tryna make a 4 fit

You tryna make a come-up in my city it's a given/And plus a ni99a famous, plus I got a vision/Not to mention having bars like a motherf-cking prison

Riding with Weezy F-cking Baby/Are you the type of girl that me AND Weezy f-cking baby/Cause I don't waste time can't you see a ni99a lazy/And I might need some help but Weezy f-cking crazy

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