Friday, May 22, 2009

Dumb Rappers Need Teaching, Charles Hamilton Edition

From my Twitter Feed: "This is what happens when cornball dudes start feeling themselves too much too early -->

More specifically...

Charles is a young dude so I give him a bit of an excuse in that he is obviously too young in the game (dating and/or rap) to understand that when you ain't no muscle-bound dude or dude with a street rep, you can only go but so far when it comes to trying to put a chick on blast before she does something to let you know you ain't built like that. And by no means is Charles Hamilton built in the streets or in the industry to the point where he can think that any chick (no matter what his relationship with her) would put up with this bamafied mess.

Charles Hamilton not only FAILS in attire (what does this fool have on) but also fails in knowledge of the GAME. Idiot! He deserved that punch for trying to act like he was that ninja when I'm sure deep down he knows he couldn't bust a grape in a fruit fight and that's probably the flyest chick he's dealt with since started rapping. Not to mention it's allegedly his assistant and if you're not mature, you don't need to be mixing business with pleasure.

I've said it before, BEING HUMBLE > GETTING HUMBLED.


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he is a definite CLOWN and i can't say i condone violence but dude deserved it...that's too too personal...seriously