Sunday, May 3, 2009

Examining Rick Ross-isms: Lay Back

Lay Back misses where Magnificent and Rich Off Cocaine hit. Unlike the other two, this track seems a bit forced. I understand that since Shooter with Lil Wayne every rapper wants Robin Thicke on a hook but I'd argue that since then there have been more hits than misses as far as rappers getting Mr. Paula Patton on their songs. Ask 50 Cent. This would be the first track I'd skip in a full run-through of the album.

Lay Back - Rick Ross (feat. Robin Thicke)

Never shopping from clearance, don't make me embarrassed: I find that hilarious! I can actually picture Ross saying that to a chick because he thinks that highly of himself. On the other hand, someone such as myself that isn't "Rich Off Cocaine" would love to go shopping with a woman grounded enough that she didn't mind hitting the clearance rack. Nothing like a good deal. And it's not like she'd be confined to the clearance rack. But I guess I'm an R.N. (regular ni99a) like 50 Cent says, dah well.

She never a bird, but baby my parrot: Wow.

My car's a virgin, first one to hit it: ROTFLMMFAO!

I'm noticing that as the album goes on I'm hearing less-and-less craziness from Ross. But the next track features Foxxy Brown so I'm sure it's gonna get reckless again.


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Anonymous said...

I actually can't stand Rick Ross or 50. Yet Robin Thicke had the power to get me to listen to them. That is a miracle within itself.

And contrary to your analysis, I blame the wackness of the lyrics on the rappers. Lyrically these songs sucks and the only saving grace is Robin's voice.

Difference between this and Shooter is the fact that Robin and Wayne are great lyricists, something Ross and 50 could never be.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above. I don't care for rap music at all and the only reason I actually like this song is because Robin is singing the hook. It is catchy and the bass line can make you bob your head. Also, I everything you pointed out was a lack of talent on Mr. Ross nothing on Robin Thicke.

And as for Little Wayne, I believe that the songs they did together were hot. And nope, I was not a Wayne fan either. I still prefer the original to the "cover" any day. Shooter was at it's best when Robin did it on his first album, but again Wayne heard greatness and decided to expand on it, just as he did with "Tie My Hands"

But that is just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

@ThatsMyOpinion: Thanks for your comment. I'm not sure what analysis of mine you're referring to - I don't think I really gave much of an analysis other than the song sounding forced when compared to the other two. But nevertheless I can see why being a fan (or listener) of Robin Thicke would give you a reason to listen to this song, especially if you're not a fan of Ross or 50.

Ido agree that it would be interesting to hear this same song with a "better" lyricist on it though.

Anonymous said...

This track in my opinion is the weakest song on the cd. I think Ross kinda represented on the joint with Foxy.

Anonymous said...

I pretty much agree with you on this track E. My Murda Mami drop is coming up in a little while.