Saturday, May 2, 2009

Examining Rick Ross: Rich Off Cocaine

Rich Off Cocaine is actually a pretty good song for the same reasons that Magnificent is a good song. Ross's raps aren't bad (though there's a littany of cocaine references), the beat is good, and the R&B "crooner" does a good job on the hook. I think Ross missed the mark though changing the title from On Top of the World to Rich Off Cocaine. Rich Off Cocaine would probably be more acceptable if the whole correctional officer thing didn't hit the fan. Now it just seems a bit out-of-place to me. But I didn't executive produce this album so who cares what I think?

Rich Off Cocaine - Rick Ross (feat. Avery Storm)

Like I said previously, there's enough obvious and not-so-obvious cocaine talk in here it's almost entertaining to see just how much time elapses between a coke reference. Or maybe that just entertains me.

How you get a kilo started at an 8-ball: Good example of the type of Ross coke references in this track. Starting at an 8-ball and working your way up to a kilo takes a lot of time and effort (not that I'm promoting drug-dealing), so I'd consider this an accomplishment for any aspiring drug dealer - let alone a former correctional officer slash guy who poured tar UP ON a roof. You know, if drug-dealing is what you decide to do.

Come from where hoes f*ck you for your paint job: You don't even have to guess, it's somewhere in the SOUTH! Candy paint and dunkrydes ALL-READY!

I watch her snort her powder while I'm chillin' sippin tea: I understand that coke is supposed to be the drug of the rich and wealthy but come on. Nothing cool about letting your girl do a Tony Montana-esque line. This guy watches too many gangster movies. That Elvira ish is NOT sexy.

Vacationed in Haiti, it nearly broke my heart/Seeing kids starve I thought about my Audemar/Selling dope ain't right, I put that on my life/Chickens put me in position to donate the rice: Somehow he managed to keep talking about coke but put a positive spin on it. Best.Ross.Bars.EVER!


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Anonymous said...

B*tch I'm busy baby go and suck another c*ck!


I can see it now......

Ross' Baby Mother: Where's my child support?

Ross: B*tch I'm busy baby go and suck another c*ck!

Anonymous said...

That line is so reckless and disrespectful though, lol.