Monday, May 11, 2009

Vote for my Homegirl Christina K. on MTV-U!!!

Here's the video for her song "Tonight" (featuring Modjo)....

Please visit MTV U to vote!!!

Note the DC/PG accent when she says: "See you on fourteenth or fifteenth" at about 20 seconds in.

Sidebar #1: I wrote a while back about NaS's song "Black President" jacking her beat.

Sidebar #2: Christina and I went to elementary school together, she found me on facebook last year and we've been in contact here-and-there since. I was actually sort of invited to the video shoot for what I think turned out to be the video above (she said: "come down for the video shoot, we're going to be all over the city") and missed it because I was a doof while in NY that day. Spontenaiety FAIL!

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