Thursday, May 7, 2009

Examining Rick Ross-isms: Face

Face succeeds where Murda Mami fails. That is, in being ridiculously crass, reckless, and OUT OF CONTROL. Leave it up to Trina who dated Baby, then Lil Wayne, and now crazy-azz Kenyon Martin. Surprise though... I actually like the song, call it a guilty pleasure. I guess that makes me freak-nasty too, huh? Nothing wrong with gettin' face!

Face - Rick Ross (feat. Trina)

They don't really waste much time "getting it in" on this track. I won't even mention how Trina starts off the song (let's just say it's pretty raw and uncut).

9 times out of 10 he want a fly yella thang, that can entertain, naked in my yellow chain: That doesn't sound like a bad deal from where I'm sitting. I'd go for 10 out of 10 though. At the same time, Trina seems like she might have one hell of a track record (I know, I shouldn't say that) so I'm not sure if she's the fly yella thang I'd want naked in her yellow chain. Then again, I might not care. Blame it on the vodka and the blue tops.

Sellin' dope, counting money keep my d*ck hard: T.M.I.!

Money like Mariah, Rihanna hairdo: If I was female I think that line might have siced me. I mean Mariah has crazy dough. So much so that any female might want to aspire to be as rich as she is, though hopefully not as lame. And Rihanna is what I would call a "pretty young thang" and I often hear females compliment her on her looks. All this leads me to believe that if a female heard this line it might sice her. Especially if she's the type that is on her grind and stays flyy. But maybe I'm reading into this too much. Ladies???

I left out a few lines I wanted to include but I just couldn't do it with a clear conscience. I'm not really sure why I all of a sudden decided to draw a line on gratuitous sexual references but there were a couple lines I just don't want to post. If you listen to the song you'll be able to figure them out I'm sure.


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