Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Favorite Comedian right now, Kevin Hart

LOL @ the part about scuffling. I've been a fan since I saw Paper Soldiers.


A. B. said...

You go'n hit me when I am talking about Jesus?

T.C. said...

i mean i thought i know how you get emotional when you telling what happened to you...i was like...i said...LMAO!

Rah said...

yes man...this dude even had me laughing for his 5 min spot on '40 Yr Old Virgin'. lol I hope he gets a big break soon with a motion picture everybody will go see and not Soul Planeee

Anonymous said...

Yeah man. "That's your boy!?!? ... Well he just got effed up wit you!"


He coming to DC at the end of July/Early August. I'm GOING!

chantele said...

this dude has been a fool since i can remember! natural talent. our circle of friends ran together in middle and high school. and it never failed... kevin would have everyone rollin' for no good reason.

ditto on the motion picture big break.