Thursday, April 23, 2009

Twitter Plug

I just typed up this email to a bunch of my buddies about Twitter and I decided I wanted to share it here. I was going to call this a manifesto but then I looked up the definition and realized I'd be using the word incorrectly for what I intend to say. So therefore, I'm calling it a "plug". This is verbatim so please excuse all the lascivious and/or random banter (ha!)

My Twitter Plug

By now you've all heard of Twitter and maybe some of you have checked it out or wondered why anyone would do it. Well if you need a reason to check out Twitter or would like to try it out, follow me, Laf, and my buddies J and Lance (or just check out our pages)... (if you follow Laf you gotta address him as Curly though. That's mandatory)

Twitter is what Facebook would be if there were only status updates. Facebook is what Myspace would be if it wasn't ghetto. Myspace is what Blackplanet would be if it wasn't just targeted at negroids. Blackplanet is shyt that only bamas use at this point. Bamas are Black guys that buy Chris Cooley jerseys when they have no personal connection to him (not that I'm racist). Black guys that buy Chris Cooley jerseys when they have no personal connection to him are named....But I digress.

The point of twitter (and the value of this is obviously debatable) is so that people can send out real-time (i.e. - to the second) updates of what they're doing.

The value of twitter (again debatable but I consider it valuable) is that you can keep up with people in real time. For example if I'm in Miami and Diddy (@iamdiddy on Twitter) is hitting up a party tonight and on twitter he says "Come through Mansion tonight I'm having a party"...My black azz is going to be there! Why? Because Diddy throws some dope parties. And if it wasn't for twitter I might not have known he was having a joint on the night that I happen to be in Miami. Another example: Shaq often sends out updates when he's in different cities and tells people to stop through a certain spot and he gives them free stuff. I know these examples probably don't mean much to you but at some point enough people you know will be on [twitter] that you'll start asking why and wondering how. Just think of twitter as the most popular usage of the mobile web for the time being.


A. B. said...

Yo Dude, Chris Cooley Jersey LMFAO!!!

Anonymous said...

That's what I did when my man showed up to a Redskins game party with that joint on. I damn near spit my drink out. Not Campbell, not Moss, not even Portis. I'd get a Chris Samuels jersey joint before a Cooley joint and I actually like Cooley a lot and dislike Chris Over-rated Samuels. That's how lame I think wearing a Chris Cooley jersey would be though.