Thursday, April 2, 2009

Picture of the Day: Federal Offense

Walking into the office this morning this is what I saw out front.

How does this happen?

Did a car hit it? Did someone saw off one leg and bend the other (which is quite the crackhead move)? What does the side that's on the ground look like? Was someone trying to steal a mailbox? Did the USPS have an employee come out and try to remove the mailbox? Did that person have no idea what they were doing? Aren't these things bolted to the ground? Did that car in the background hit the mailbox (it looks like a prime candidate)? Since that's a spot where people curb their dogs, is the mailbox laying in you-know-what?


j.a.c. said...

i wonder what the mail man will do when he gets to the mailbox. he obviously has to report it a catastrophe or else he'll be getting the mail from the ground from now on. how much do one of these cost?

Anonymous said...

Good point. I bet they're probably more expensive than one would think. They're probably built out of some pretty solid metal to thwart people from trying to break into them.