Thursday, April 9, 2009

An Interview of "Ms. KERI BAAAAABY!"

Did I mention that I thought Polow Da Don convinced her to do this? Well, here's Keri's version of how the song came about and who she is or is not addressing.

My advice to Keri: You are a talented writer, beautiful, and you have a lot of potential. Don't screw everything up before you "get on" by throwing indirect darts at those who helped pave the way for you to have the success you have. Yes, you've written some great songs but as an overall artist and performer there are quite a few people who have way more success and experience. Take a step back and view the bigger picture and don't let some ego-maniacal, hot-shot new producer convince you to do things that are out of character or potentially self-ethering. Stick to making good music that the masses enjoy and enjoy the ride.

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