Monday, April 6, 2009


LMAO @ #25.

What's funnier, the facial expressions, the mannerisms, or the names? Video spotted at DP's


T.C. said...


incidently though one of the youth at the after school program in DC's name is
yea figure that one out...CLASSIC

A. B. said...

The worst I have heard was from with in the court-system, The name was spelled Da-a. It was pronounced, no BS, Didasha. The Dash was NOT silent. LMMFAO!!!!! Come on people when you name your kids imagine that name on a resume please. Let's stop the generational curses now!

Anonymous said...

Most of the names they mentioned were over-the-top but I could not help busting out laughing at "GIIIIIRRRRLLLLL!" That joint had me dying.

People call themselves being creative with these names and are really placing a stigma over their child for life. I honestly think I would probably change my name if my parents named me some reckless ghetto ish.