Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Examining Rick Ross-isms: Yacht Club

Yacht Club is my first or second favorite track off of Deeper Than Rap (it's a close battle between this song and Valley of Death). The vibe of this song is sooooo laid back and smooth that I can't help but turn it up loud and imagine myself on South Beach when I hear it. Maybe I need to start imagining myself on a yacht?

Yacht Club - Rick Ross (feat. Magazeen)

Pu--ies don't get pu--y: I didn't really pay this line much attention the first time I heard the song because Ross says a lot of recklessly crass stuff in general and I've come to ignore a lot of it. But my buddy Lance mentioned in his twitter feed that he hates that Ross says it throughout the album and now I'm reminded of Lance's tweet every time I hear Ross say it. THANKS A LOT RIPROCK!

I'm not bigger than Biggie, b*tch I'm bigger than you: How can you not love Ross's unintentional use of the much sought-after but not often achieved quadruple-entendre (there's no way he's lyrically talented enough to have though of this one)?
  1. Physically he's not bigger than Biggie
  2. Musically he's not bigger than Biggie
  3. He's probably musically bigger than whomever he's addressing here (God only knows who though)
  4. He's probably physically bigger than ALMOST EVERYBODY except for Biggie so does it really matter who he's talking to?
The fat Tommy Lee I made out with like eight broads: I might dare go out on a limb and call that a classic Rick Ross line. Not because it's classic in the broader spectrum of dope bars that have been spit but because it's hilarious when you think about Ross comparing his sexual exploits to Tommy Lee. There's now way Ross can even come close to Tommy Lee's Ron Jeremy-ish exploits.

She no speaky no engli-maybe Fat Joe can teach her: That was kinda slick. It made me chuckle anyways. I remember reading on someone's blog (maybe it was Bol's)recently about how for all this coke/Noriega/Escobar talk Rick Ross probably can't speak a lick of spanish and here Ross goes giving away his secretsof foreign communication. Cook Coke CRACK!

Janet was in control, because the hoe left: Another one of those out-of-nowhere lines like the one about Puffy and Total. I don't understand what the point of this is other than a quick word play on Janet Jackson and her album entitled Control. I also don't get the connection as far as how she was in control because she "left". "Left" what? Who? Ross, I'm going to need you to study Jigga a little bit more than you obviously have in preparation for writing this album and start making more solid connections to your quips.

My d*ck a big stretch: I think I understand what he was trying to say but I just wish he would have said this another way.

Told her to kiss your a$$ after you bought the b*tch breasts: A tip to all you trickin' fools out here. Don't play yourself.

I'm into frying fish with a slight lime twist: I thought he was into friggin' crabMEATS? Make up your mind already! I guess he's a seafood connoisseur. And wouldn't it be lemon rather than lime when we're dealing with seafood? Ross probably puts ketchup on his scallops I bet. He so hood!

Roll with a Navy SEAL: Here he goes again just throwing things out there that don't really make sense but rhyme. But it is kinda funny to think of a seal in the context of Rick Ross's stature. Hehe. Navy SEAL though? I think NAUGHT!

Still sippin' champagne, or is it merlot: Who confuses champagne with merlot? Let me help you out Ross: "Stay sippin crushed grapes, let's call it pinot/I call it fine wine, some call it vino/". I'm available to ghost-write for all under-educated rappers for as little as $100/bar. Holla at ya boy!

And in case you're like me and you're wondering what Greedy Geniu$ clothing is, here ya go. I'm sure Curly is going to act like I'm a bama since I didn't already know what Greedy Geniu$ clothing was but I don't care. You know you are! ADMIT IT CURLY!


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M.C. said...

"There's now way Ross can even come close to Tommy Lee's Ron Jeremy-ish exploits. "

I may have to disagree with you on this, if I am inspired to believe in the exploits posted on Tales From a Groupie.

"Janet was in control, because the hoe left". That line was out of nowhere, but he is talking about when she fired Daddy Joseph and flew to Minneapolis to live and record with Jam and Lewis.

"I'm available to ghost-write for all under-educated rappers for as little as $100/bar. Holla at ya boy!" LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! You are CRAZY!

Anonymous said...

Tales from a groupie? LMMFAO! No way I'm believing even half of that shyt.

Thank you for explaining the Janet line.