Friday, April 10, 2009

Facebook Law #2

The first Facebook Law was a Man Law. This one is just a general Facebook Law to follow.

Facebook Law #2: No one shall post a profile picture that is not up-to-date (specifically, more than 2 months old).

This applies to males and females and those of you who can't decide either internally or ostensibly which side of the gender tracks you're on. Stop trying to post profile pics from 87 pounds ago or back when you "used to have it." There should be a statute of limitations on how old a profile picture can be for you to put it up on Facebook. Anything older than 2 months old is not allowed.

Why 2 months? Because 2 months is not enough time for the average human being to lose more than 30 pounds (and that's pushing it) or recover from trans-gender surgery. You might be able to change your hairstyle or wardrobe in two months time but there's now way you're swapping an outtie for an innie (or vice-versa) in 60 days and fully recovering. And if you lose 30 pounds in two months you either had gastrointestinal surgery or are smoking crack.

If you want to mislead people and create a fake fantasy world online you should start a account. Otherwise, keep it real because you're not fooling anybody other than yourself.

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