Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another Drake Post??? YUP!

I'm going to make you hate or love this guy!

New Drake courtesy MissInfo - Right to Left (feat. Tanya Morgan)

Rizoh Nahshon doesn't get the Drake hype but has a bigger question about Drake's current super-buzz.

Colin Munroe (feat. Drake) - Cannon Ball. If you don't have Colin's "Unsung Hero" Mixtape you might want to cop that soon. "I hope when dinner's cold my ni99as do not dessert me"

Wale doing a cover of Drake's "Best I Ever Had" at a concert stop in Toronto.

And if you know the Drake/Degrassi history, this is hilarious.

And a bonus MP3 of Priscilla Renea's cover of "Best I Ever Had". Remember her?


Rizoh said...

I think you have me confused with Nahshon, homey. I actually like Drake's mixtape. Looking forward to the album.

miKeSee said...

Oh, my bad on that. I'll update the post.