Saturday, April 25, 2009

Examining Rick Ross-isms: Maybach Music 2

Maybach Music 2 was probably the song I anticipated the most on this album. The original was easily the best song on Trilla. While I don't think the second installment is as good as the first there are some jewels in here. In fact, more jewels than Ross-isms (shocker, I know).

Maybach Music 2 - Rick Ross (feat. Kanye West and Lil Wayne)

If B-I was alive he'd probably have the two tone: This is a Yeezy line but it sices me every time I hear it and I'm still not sure why. Maybe it's because it seems like everybody respects Biggie's swag so much that I like it when these guys pay homage in ways like this.

Kanye and Wayne's obsession with feces: "I am the sh-t and this is my commode"??? Even going back to "Swagger Like Us" where he says "how do it feel to be the sh*t and the urine?" That line really blew the crap out of me. Anyway, Wayne talks about sh*t quite often so if you haven't noticed it yet, maybe him "sitting in the azzhole" of his Maybach will help refresh your memory.

New crib, loftin'/Where is at? Austin/Where's that? Texas/What's in front? Benz's/What else? Lexus/Well whose Maybach is this?/Mr. West's!": That's dope!

I got so many horses b*tches call me Polo: A slick line from the Bawse. I'm wondering if this dude really does own horses though. Maybe he eats horseMEATS and crabMEATS.

I was barely getting pretty women: Hey Ross guess what? I BELIEVE YOU!

All black Maybach I'm sitting in the a$$ hole!: I have no idea why he felt like he needed to say that. What's the a$$hole of a Maybach? Why would I ever want to know? Tailpipe? Backseat? He should have ad-lib'd a "no homo" in the background on this one just for G.P. I guess this was just to catch everyone's attention at the beginning of his verse. Mission accomplished!

Fresher than Will Smith and Uncle Phil too! Slick! Fresh Prince...Rich uncle...Weezy is nice.

In my opinion, the proper line-up for this track would have been Yeezy, Ross, Wayne, and Jay-Z. It's kind of disappointing that Jay was on the first but not the second joint.


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Rah said...

"I was barely getting pretty women: Hey Ross guess what? I BELIEVE YOU!"

hey young this joitn had me dying...anyways i was thinking about this yesterday that this song i cant even compare it to the first one but moreso SLU - because it gives me that type of group 'we are swaggerific' feel from everybody

Anonymous said...

Yeah man that line was hilarious but then he goes "but now I scoop Emmy winners like kitty litter" which is a hot line.

Good point about the whole group swag effect of this joint. Kinda like them joints Khaled has on his albums.

Anonymous said...

The best part of Maybach Music II to me is T-Pain on the hook. However Deeper Than Rap has 1 let down in my opinion. For some unknown reason cigar music was left off the album. Other than that I can let it run start to finish. Don't get me wrong, every track isn't a banger but they are all well put together.

Anonymous said...

T-Pain on the hook? I totally disagree. That's actually the part I like the least. Yeezy's verse is the best thing about the track. I was wondering the same thing about Cigar Music too. As well as this Ross/Usher song that just leaked yesterday. They could take Murder Mami and one other track off an add those two and this thing might be certified CLASSIC!