Thursday, April 30, 2009

Examining Rick Ross-isms: Usual Suspects

When I first heard a snippet of Usual Suspects (courtesy of eskay) I was super-pressed to hear what NaSiR's verse was going to sound like. Ross held his own on the preview verse and the beat is arguably one of the album's best. When I finally heard the full song I felt like Ross out-rapped NaS but that's just my opinion. I've gotten into a couple arguments about this already and I am NOT saying NaS's verse is weak by any means but ... Ross 2nd verse > Nas verse > Ross 1st verse. Tell me why I'm wrong in the comments.

Usual Suspects - Rick Ross (feat. NaS)

I'm too cool for lame dudes to ridicule/I laugh while I'm doin' laps in the swimming pool: First thought was --> "I'm stealing that too cool line". Second thought --> "Ross can swim? NO WAY!"

And still my talent has yet to be challenged: Dare I say this is a shot at Jay-Z?

But back then dough was like a whore that Goldie loved, it didn't exist/and Officer Foley cuffs was after my wrist/was not Beverly Hills where we chilled/Imagine this the Nazareth had to get from rags to rich/I used to stand on rooftops with two glocks/Thinking how could I turn my Timberlands to Crocs/Now reptiles is left out I'm 'bout a watch: That right there is poetry my friends. NaS laced that! Officer Foley --> Beverly Hills...Rags to rich --> Timberlands to Crocs...Reptiles --> Watches with reptile skin. Dope!

As my 'fetti grow f--ck her, feed her Spaghetti-O's: Selfish, are we? How you gonna get more money and make your girl eat Spaghetti-O's? That ain't right!

Wow! This might be the least outlandish song on the album.


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Anonymous said...

hook > ross 1 verse > nas verse > ross 2 verse

or maybe even

hook > ross 1st verse > ross 2nd verse > nas verse

Anonymous said...

I'm mad you got the hook as the #1 joint though.