Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Braces, The Chronicles: Step 1


For years I had avoided getting braces just because I didn't want to be ridiculed. I had the opportunity to get them when I was entering high school but didn't want to get pestered so I decided against it. Little did I know that that would be the one and only opportunity my mom would give me to get my teeth professionally straightened free of charge.

So I went through high school and college without getting braces. I finally landed a job out of school with good benefits and I decided I'd get them. Well, I decided THAT about a year ago (3 years removed from college) and this year I finally went through with it.

So last week I got the separators on and it's official. Ya boy's gonna be strapped up like "I'm bunjee jumpin'" (shout out to Paul Wall). So I'm gonna kinda chronicle the major stops along the road to straight teeth (as if you guys care). So I hope I don't gross you out or embarass myself too much with pictures of my teeth. LMAO!

These separator things on my molars that are supposed to create space between my back teeth so that I can get the full-banding of braces on. So for about a week I've been walking around with gray bands in-between the last two teeth in each row of my mouth.

If you take a look at the picture below you can see some greyish bands near the back of the bottom row of my teeth...Yes, that's MY MOUTH.

Well, today was the day for the full banding. It wasn't as bad as I expected to be honest. I spent about 2 hours in there letting them dig in my mouth and I ultimately came out looking almost as good as I normally do.

Yeah right! Because I still have get 4 (read: 1-2-3-4) teeth pulled I don't have any wires in the braces right now. What this does is accentuate the crookedness of my teeth because your teeth look a lot more jacked for some reason, when you have those little silver things on them. So call me Jacked Up for about a week. But it's all good.

So here's me looking like Lupe Fiasco and shyt!

Anyway, that was the first half of my day, sitting in the orthodontist's office watching kids half or one-third my age get their braces off while my grown butt was sitting in there getting mine on. Sad, sad, sad.


T. Clarke said...

Good for you....

Anonymous said...

Yeah....You know the history about me and my teeth. I guess it's about daggon time I went ahead and just got these friggin things, right?

Lawrenorder said...

Yeah Mike! I got my braces right after we graduated. If your orthodontist is fun you'll feel better about yourself because you'd have one-up'ed those kids. I was the posterchild for "good things happen when you wear your rubberbands" for 20 months. I got out of my braces 4 months early, AND a break on my payments because I was the only patient 4 months in a row who actually did what she was told to. HA! Good luck banded up!

Anonymous said...

I can only pray that my experience is as good as yours Lawren. But as jacked up as my teeth are/were...It'll probably be closer to 3 years for ya boy. LOL. But once I get used to them I won't mind having them on. It's just the getting used to them part that's gonna take some time. Thanks for the good wishes.